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Create a Luxurious and Peaceful Ambiance with Our Crystal Collection

Crystals are known to bring positivity into your living space. They are said to have incredible powers of storing, delivering, and transmuting significant energy through wellness and spirituality. Stones and crystals are beautiful and double as alluring decor pieces in your home. Crystals vary in size, color, and shape and have unique qualities which make them perfect to add to your home.

We launched our Crystal Candle Collection a couple of weeks ago to highlight the beauty and positivity that our candles bring to your home. Our traditional Accent 1-Wick sets a luxurious ambiance alone, however, paired with Jade, Amethyst, and Peacock Ore they bring good vibes too.

Our first candle is Abundance. The Abundance Crystal Candle is Cherry Blossom, which is a classic spring scent with uplifting notes of rose, sandalwood, and tonka bean. It also features Jade and Amethyst stones. Jade is known to bring fortune and good luck. Coupled with Jade is Amethyst. The beautiful violet-colored crystal, Amethyst is known to bring protection and tranquility.

The second candle in the collection is Protection. It is illuminated with the fragrance of Peppermint Eucalyptus and enhanced with Amethyst and Peacock Ore. Protection creates an ambiance that is warm, welcoming, and that brings tranquility. The pairing of Amethyst and Peacock Ore is meant to bring a sense of protection. With Amethyst representing understanding and serenity and Peacock Ore channeling healing, happiness, and joy we do just that.

The Crystal Candle Collection was inspired by the journey it took for Scented by Sharee to start. It took having faith, being consistent, and protecting my energy. I hope that these candles bring you the same joy, and inspiration they gave me.

Bringing the Crystal Candle Collection to your home not only sets a luxurious ambiance but one that brings Abundance and Protection. For the entire month of April, we are offering 30% off all products to show our gratitude for your support. Use code: ‘New Beginnings’

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