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Garden Florals: Immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of a blooming garden. The Garden Florals candle captures the essence of a vibrant bouquet, blending notes of jasmine, rose petals, and fresh lavender. Let the delicate and uplifting aroma transport you to a sunny day surrounded by nature's beauty.


Aloe Agave: Revel in the calming and soothing ambiance of Aloe Agave. This fragrance combines the succulent sweetness of aloe vera with the earthy undertones of agave. Close your eyes and imagine a tranquil desert landscape, as the gentle scent of Aloe Agave rejuvenates your senses.


Santal Basil: Unwind with the warm and grounding embrace of Santal Basil. Rich sandalwood meets aromatic basil in a harmonious blend that creates a serene and comforting atmosphere. Embrace the tranquility as the Santal Basil candle fills your space with a sophisticated and inviting fragrance.


Mint Eucalyptus: Refresh your surroundings with the invigorating Mint Eucalyptus candle. The cool menthol of mint entwines with the crisp, herbal notes of eucalyptus, creating a revitalizing aroma that awakens the senses. Let the brisk and lively fragrance elevate your mood and add a burst of energy to any room.

Scented Serenity Series 🌸

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